######### Slider

Library: Input/Output Extra
Introduced: 2.15 in Logisim ITA Component
Appearance: #########


When the cursor is moved, its position is progressively copied to the output port. The value for the minimum position is 0. The value for the maximum position is the maximum of the Data Bits attribute.

The direction in which the cursor moves from minimum to maximum is defined by the Direction attribute.


East edge:
Output: Data - This pin presents a value corresponding to the cursor position.


When the component is selected or being added, the arrow keys alter its Facing attribute.

The side of the component where its output pin should be.
Data Bits
Output bus data width.
Allows you to define the base in which the values will be represented.
The text within the label associated with the component.
Label Location
The location of the label relative to the component.
Label Font
The font with which to render the label.
Label Visible
Whether the label is displayed or not.
Specifies the direction in which the cursor moves from its minimum to its maximum value.

Poke Tool Behavior

A left-click held on the cursor moves it.

Text Tool Behavior

Allows you to modify the label associated with the component.

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