######### Bar graph array LED

Library: Input/Output
Introduced: 2.1.3
Appearance: #########


LEDs will display the value of their inputs by coloring the LED as specified by its On Color and Off Color attribute, depending on whether the input is 1 or 0. Floating (U) or error (E) values are considered disabled.
If a clock is present in the circuit, it is possible to simulate light loss in terms of clock ticks.


The led bar has either a pin per led to the south or north, or a bus to the east or west, depending on the property parameters Select Location.


Input Format
Separated: Each led on the bar will have its own pin.
On Wire: The bar is driven by a bus with a bit width equal to the Segment property.
Determines the number of LEDs on the bar
Select Location
Determine which side the pines or the bus will be on
On Color
Color to be displayed when input value is active
Off Color
Color to be displayed when input value is not active
If this value is greater than 1, the LED will remain colored for the duration of the indicated clicks. Requires a hrologe in the circuit.
The text within the label associated with the component.
Label Location
The location of the label relative to the component.
Label Font
The font with which to render the label.
Label Color
The color with which to draw the label.

Poke Tool Behavior


Text Tool Behavior


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