######### Integer to Floating Point

Library: Arithmetic
Introduced: 3.5
Appearance: #########


This component returns an floating-poin value value on the east output, which corresponds to the integer value it receives on the west input.
It has an error output in the south, which is set to 1 if the component receives an error(E) or undefined(U) signal.


West edge:
Input: Enter integer values to be converted. Bit width matches the Data Data Bits attribute.
East edge:
Output: floating-point value corresponding to the value of the input. Is NaNf if there is an error. Bit width matches the Data Float size attribute.
South edge:
OutPut: Error Set to 1 if the component receives an error (E) or undefined (U) signal or the floating-point values NaNf


When the component is selected or being added, Alt-0 throught Alt-9 alter its Float size attribute. Only 32 or 64bits

Data Bits
The bit width of the integer values.
Float size
The bit width of the floating-point values. Only 32 or 64 bits

Poke Tool Behavior


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