Quickly install another standard version under Windows

1 - Download version
You can download the .jar file from: github
2 - Save the previous installation
Duplicate the previous installation folder (default: C:\Program Fileslogisim-evolution\ ) and name it with the version you wish to install, e.g. C:\Program Fileslogisim-evolution39\.
2 - Drop the .jar file
Place the .jar file in the .\app\ subfolder of the new installation folder.
3 - Modify the configuration file
Modify the following lines in the configuration file:
- app.classpath=new name for .jar
- java-options=the file version

For example, for dev version 3.9 you would have this:

5 - Create a shortcut
Go to the new installation folder and right-click on logisim-evolution.exe and select the Create shortcut submenu.
5 - Test
Click on your shortcut and in the help menu, in the about submenu, you'll find information on the version running.

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