The explorer pane

######### The navigation panel has two functions. It can present the circuits being simulated in the view simulation or as here the circuits in the top of the list and the lower libraries represented by folder icons. These libraries include tools you can use in your projects.

To access the components of a library just open the library with a double-click the corresponding folder or a click on the tiny key then select the tool with a right-click on the tool. Then move the mouse cursor over the canvas and a ghost drawing of the tool will follow the mouse cursor until you make the last click on the surface to drop it to the chosen location.

Below, I have opened the Gates library and selected the NAND tool from it. You can see that Logisim now stands ready to add NAND gates into the circuit.


If you look through the choices in the Gates library, you'll notice that there was no need for us to develop a XOR circuit earlier: It's built into Logisim.

When you create a project, it automatically includes several libraries:


Logisim allows you to add more libraries, too, using the menu | Project || Load Library | or by left-clicking on the root folder of the project explorer. You can see that Logisim has three categories of libraries.

To remove a library, choose menu | Project || Unload Library ... |. Logisim will prevent you from unloading libraries that contain components used in a circuit, that appear in the toolbar, or that are mapped to a mouse button.


It is also possible to do this by pressing a click-left on the library to disable.

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